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Over 100 Canadian companies to watch. All creating natural and bio-based products that are better for people and the planet. All founded or led by women.

Meet Canada's Game Changers

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  • 1847 Stone Milling Inc.

    Head Office: Ontario

    1847 Stone Milling proudly produces the highest quality, stone-ground, organic flour and baking supplies. Their compostable packaging, carbon negative use of 100% solar electricity offsets, and reliance on only Canadian grains has allowed them superior products while maintaining a small carbon footprint. The company doubled down on sustainability in 2022 by launching the subsidiary reLit, a unique and innovative solution to the problem of pet litter waste. By upcycling the wheat shorts and bran from their milling process into an eco-friendly, compostable cat litter, reLit has the ability to divert millions of tons of clay based aggregate litter from landfills each year.

    Melissa McKeown

    President and Co-Owner

  • 7 Summits Snacks

    Head Office: Alberta

    7 Summits Snacks is a superfood chocolate company for everyday athletes and high performers. Made from ethically sourced chocolate with minimal ingredients, and natural superfoods for flavours, 7 Summits provides sports nutrition that is both functional and delicious. Committed to sustainability, the company makes eco-conscious production a part of their process, including recyclable packaging in both their primary and secondary layers, and they donate 1% of their income to 1% for the Planet. Since selling their first chocolate bar in 2020, 7 Summits products are available in over 80 retailers across Western Canada. They expect to grow by 50% in 2023, including geographic expansion to Eastern Canada.

    Kristyn Carriere

    Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

  • Afiya Beauty

    Head Office: Ontario

    Afiya Beauty is tackling the need for diverse representation in the clean beauty and wellness industry. Using evidence based, botanically forward ingredients, Afiya supports people of colour with their skin health needs, without the use of harsh chemicals. Their leading R&D continues to find ways to repurpose non-edible food by-products, including fruit and vegetable peels, seeds and leaves, and turning them into proprietary potent plant extracts.This burgeoning biotech company uses advanced technology to unlock and optimize the benefits of upcycled plant matter, revolutionizing the cosmetic industry, while protecting the health of the planet and its people.

    Shamsa Hassan

    Founder and CEO

  • AIMA Inc

    Head Office: British Columbia

    AIMA is leading the way in natural, science-based period pain relief. Their patent-pending vaginal suppository, OVY RELIEF, contains a water-soluble formulation of CBD and other active agents that are proven effective for reducing menstrual pain and inflammation safely and effectively. Through advocacy, education and sustainable best practices, AIMA empowers people who menstruate to manage their pain safely, and with dignity. Looking ahead, AIMA has successfully lined up retailers and distribution channels in the US, and will be in-market in Spring 2023.

    Lanna Last

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Aruna Revolution Health Inc.

    Head Office: Nova Scotia

    Aruna is revolutionizing menstrual health by creating compostable menstrual pads using natural fibers from food and crop waste. Their circular economy model aims to prevent billions of pads and tons of food waste from entering the landfill, where they would have released harmful microplastics and greenhouse gasses into the environment. Instead, the food and crop waste is converted into soft and safe fibers for menstrual pads, using Aruna’s patent pending technology. The startup has received nods from various government granting agencies and is developing a pilot plant to begin production.

    Rashmi Prakash, M.Eng.

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • AtlanTick Repellent Products Inc.

    Head Office: Nova Scotia

    AtlanTick offers safe, natural, effective solutions to prevent tick and other insect bites, and the array of debilitating and sometimes deadly diseases they are known to spread. Rooted in science and evidence-based product development, their products are sustainably designed and contain natural ingredients that do not negatively impact the environment, or the health of humans and animals. The Tick Attack Botanical Insect Repellent is prepared to launch in spring 2023 through their online retail shop and brick and mortar retailers across Canada. AtlanTick continues to break new ground in R&D and is currently exploring innovative, natural pesticide products for yard and fabric treatments.

    Lisa Learning


    Nancy Thompson

  • Au Naturel Solutions Inc

    Head Office: Prince Edward Island

    Au Naturel Solutions Inc. are the innovators behind Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™, an external breast prosthesis made from natural plant and animal fibers, which offers a safe alternative to the silicone and polyester products that currently dominate the marketplace. The specially formulated alpaca felt material forms the shape and structure of the prosthesis, which closely resembles the density of breast tissue, while reducing dangerous exposure to nano plastics. The soft, lightweight prosthesis is breathable, moisture wicking, with hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. The products are suitable for people who experience lumpectomy, mastectomy, natural asymmetry, and 2SLGBTQI+ gender expression. Au Naturel has established an e-commerce presence, brick and mortar retail throughout Prince Edward Island, Québec, Eastern Ontario and New Brunswick, and is poised for US expansion in 2023.

    Simonne Cormier

    Founder and CEO

  • Aura Inner Beauty

    Head Office: Alberta

    Aura Inner Beauty is a ground breaking, high performance supplement company tapping into the fact that 92% of beauty shoppers believe that beauty is an inside job. With a range of natural ingredients, their liquids, powders, and oils target everything from skin and hair health to gut health and mental health. They focus on purity and potency to create clean supplement formulas made from Canadian grown and produced ingredients. The start-up has quickly turned heads, landing some of the most prestigious retailers across Canada and the US, including Bergdorf Goodman, Holt Renfrew, and Goop. In 2022 – a tough time for many young companies in the beauty industry – they increased sales by 64%, and have plans to grow their assortment of products, expand into prestige retailers in the UK, and increase their presence in the spa industry in 2023.

    Avalon Lukacs

    Founder and CEO

  • Beck's Broth

    Head Office: Ontario

    Beck’s Broth has reinvented the way Canadians enjoy bone broth, an age-old product that has gained newfound popularity for its perceived health benefits. Beck’s Broth’s unique process allows them to create a neutral-flavoured product, allowing consumers to expand their broth consumption beyond traditional savoury options into everyday beverages such as hot chocolate and coffee. Early adopters of the circular business model, Beck’s Broth upcycles discarded bones from pasture raised cattle and transforms it into nourishing broth, resulting in a product that is good for people and the planet. Taking innovation one step further, Beck’s is working towards a line of dehydrated bone broth products that are light in weight and shelf stable, allowing for expansion into e-commerce, and national and expanded national distribution.

    Beckie Prime


  • Better Snack. Better You.®️

    Head Office: Ontario

    Better Snack. Better You®️ is changing the snack game. They’ve infused their functional popcorn with their own Boost Your Foods®️ Superfood Booster to deliver a unique and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Each serving of Better Snack.Better You®️ popcorn provides all natural, plant derived vitamins & minerals from organic Sprouted Ancient Grains, Superseeds and organic, nutrient rich mushrooms. Both Canadian grown Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms provide essential Vitamin D with all its benefits. BSBY popcorns are certified kosher, gluten free, high in fibre and low in sugar. Proudly made in Ontario, the company has started listing with Loblaws across the country and is in talks with other distributor partners.

    Michele Revivo


  • Big Mountain Foods

    Head Office: British Columbia

    Founded in 1987, Big Mountain Foods are award-winning producers of fresh, allergen free, highly sustainable food products. Squarely addressing the growing demand for plant-based, clean label and convenience, Big Mountain offers tasty, healthy options such as Lion’s Mane Mushroom Crumble and Superfood Breakfast Bites. In 2022, they pushed the innovation envelope by launching the world’s first soy-free tofu made from Canadian fava beans. With a mission of environmental sustainability from ground to the shelf, Big Mountain Foods is committed to using renewable resources and minimizing waste. They upcycle by-products into new value-added functional ingredients, their sustainable processing standards conserve thousands of liters of water per year, and by partnering with local farmers to source ingredients, they greatly reduce their carbon footprint. Big Mountain Foods are founding members of the Upcycle Association, they recently won two Nexty awards for product of the year and innovation of the year, and they continue to meet and surpass their sales goals.

    Jasmine Byrne


    Kimberly Chamberland


  • BioNorth Solutions

    Head Office: Ontario

    BioNorth Solutions specializes in soil health. Responding to the need for efficient, cost-effective ways to reclaim contaminated lands and improve agricultural productivity, BioNorth’s technology uses microbial science to develop environmentally friendly, cost effective and proven solutions to improve soil health and enhance plant growth. To date, BioNorth has developed four commercial products; Microbiate SG™ and Microbiate HS™ for hydrocarbon remediation, and the soon to be launched PGP4™ and PGP2R™ for plant growth promotion. In 2022 they increased sales over 37%, and in 2023, the company will expand their production capacity by 10X, grow their retail network, and complete field trials on two new products.

    Amber Kivisto

    President and CEO

  • Blume Supply Inc.

    Head Office: British Columbia

    Blume bridges the familiar flavour and experience of a cafe latte, with the benefits and ingredients of the wellness aisle. Their superfood latte powders are all organic, plant-based, low or no caffeine, and free from refined sugars. This provides a welcome, at-home alternative to delicious cafe favourites that are often laden with sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives and fillers. Beyond being better for you, their at-home lattes are also better for the planet, they have a Plastic Neutral Plus commitment and ethically source their ingredients. By using organic ingredients, Blume is supporting organic farming practices that conserve water and protect natural resources. Fuelled by features on The Dragons Den, a strong social media following, and great accolades from popular media across Canada and the US, Blume continues to expand in retail and online. They are set to expand distribution across Canada and into major US grocery retailers in 2023.

    Karen Danudjaja

    Co-Founder & CEO


    Head Office: Québec

    Borealie is reinventing the beauty industry with holistic, high quality skincare products inspired by the nourishing power of the St. Lawrence River. Their approach to beauty uses simple and effective ingredients, including algae from the St. Lawrence, and probiotics and blueberries from Lac St Jean, Quebec. 90% of their products are organic and locally sourced, promoting the natural active ingredients found from Quebec and Canada’s biodiversity, while supporting sustainable consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by foreign extraction. The company will launch their first product in 2023, and intend to expand R&D to focus on the maternity, and pre and postnatal markets.

    Claire Bardin


  • Bosk

    Head Office: Québec

    Bosk Bioproducts offers a solution to the global problem of plastic waste accumulation. They produce REGEN™ bioplastics, a sustainable alternative to plastics traditionally derived from petrochemicals. REGEN™ is biobased, compostable, and compatible with standard plastic product manufacturing equipment. Bosk’s bioplastics are a great solution for plastic manufacturing companies that want to increase the value of their products while minimizing their environmental impact. In 2021, Bosk transitioned from R&D to manufacturing. Bosk has ambitious plans for expansion in the next 3 years with intentions to build a full-scale plant converting byproducts from Pulp & Paper and Agro industries into 25,000 tonnes of carbon neutral bioplastics, thus avoiding 75,000 tonnes of GHG emissions.

    Laurence Boudreault

    BAA DESSCM General Manager

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About the Report

The Game Changers report is an initiative of Natural Products Canada (NPC), a national organization committed to identifying and supporting high potential early stage bio-based innovation that is better for people, animals and the planet. Recognizing a high number of female-led/founded companies within its network, the Game Changers report is designed to highlight the incredible contribution of these companies. NPC’s Game Changers reports have become a valuable resource for investors, funders, corporations and retailers looking for their next opportunities, suppliers and partners. This special #IWD2023 edition showcases some of the best Canadian companies that also happen to have women in crucial roles of leadership, origination or ownership. As such this Game Changers report is an essential tool for those seeking to support exceptional and equitable Canadian companies.

Our Methodology

Using a Canadian recruitment campaign, NPC invited applications from female led or female founded companies working in natural products or bio-based industries. Applicants were asked questions to assess three main areas: innovation, sustainability and growth. Applicants provided data around current sales, recent progress, sustainability efforts and audits, and sales forecasts. Given the highly innovative nature of the field, there was extensive variability in stage of the applicants (ie companies still in the R&D phase with no sales, all the way to companies with significant market traction and multi-milllion dollars in sales). To accommodate this variability, applications were evaluated based on the level of progress and potential appropriate for the stage of their company.