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  • Beck's Broth

    Head Office: Ontario

    Sector: Food & Beverage

    Beck’s Broth has reinvented the way Canadians enjoy bone broth, an age-old product that has gained newfound popularity for its perceived health benefits. Beck’s Broth’s unique process allows them to create a neutral-flavoured product, allowing consumers to expand their broth consumption beyond traditional savoury options into everyday beverages such as hot chocolate and coffee. Early adopters of the circular business model, Beck’s Broth upcycles discarded bones from pasture raised cattle and transforms it into nourishing broth, resulting in a product that is good for people and the planet. Taking innovation one step further, Beck’s is working towards a line of dehydrated bone broth products that are light in weight and shelf stable, allowing for expansion into e-commerce, and national and expanded national distribution.

    Beckie Prime


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About the Report

The Game Changers report is an initiative of Natural Products Canada (NPC), a national organization committed to identifying and supporting high potential early stage bio-based innovation that is better for people, animals and the planet. Recognizing a high number of female-led/founded companies within its network, the Game Changers report is designed to highlight the incredible contribution of these companies. NPC’s Game Changers reports have become a valuable resource for investors, funders, corporations and retailers looking for their next opportunities, suppliers and partners. This special #IWD2023 edition showcases some of the best Canadian companies that also happen to have women in crucial roles of leadership, origination or ownership. As such this Game Changers report is an essential tool for those seeking to support exceptional and equitable Canadian companies.

Our Methodology

Using a Canadian recruitment campaign, NPC invited applications from female led or female founded companies working in natural products or bio-based industries. Applicants were asked questions to assess three main areas: innovation, sustainability and growth. Applicants provided data around current sales, recent progress, sustainability efforts and audits, and sales forecasts. Given the highly innovative nature of the field, there was extensive variability in stage of the applicants (ie companies still in the R&D phase with no sales, all the way to companies with significant market traction and multi-milllion dollars in sales). To accommodate this variability, applications were evaluated based on the level of progress and potential appropriate for the stage of their company.