Karen Danudjaja

Blume bridges the familiar flavour and experience of a cafe latte, with the benefits and ingredients of the wellness aisle. Their superfood latte powders are all organic, plant-based, low or no caffeine, and free from refined sugars. This provides a welcome, at-home alternative to delicious cafe favourites that are often laden with sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives and fillers. Beyond being better for you, their at-home lattes are also better for the planet, they have a Plastic Neutral Plus commitment and ethically source their ingredients. By using organic ingredients, Blume is supporting organic farming practices that conserve water and protect natural resources. Fuelled by features on The Dragons Den, a strong social media following, and great accolades from popular media across Canada and the US, Blume continues to expand in retail and online. They are set to expand distribution across Canada and into major US grocery retailers in 2023.

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