Deborah Coleman

Using a brewing process that has been used for centuries, Libra Bev Co. is taking the non-alcoholic beverage category to new heights. They launched their flagship Pale Ale in 2020, and since then have expanded to include 5 flagship styles of craft beer. They have won 5 World Beer Awards, 2 New York International Beer Competition awards, and were named the best Canadian Non-Alcoholic Brewery of the Year in 2022. As a certified B Corp, Libra is always finding ways to minimize their impact on the planet by following sustainable business practices while giving back to the community. They have distribution across the country, including Sobeys, the LCBO and Costco. They also partnered with Juno-award-winning Canadian folk-rocker Serena Ryder in 2021 to help normalize socializing without alcohol. In 2023, they are focused on making non-alcoholic drinks accessible at restaurants, bars and music festivals.

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