Jasmine Byrne and Kimberly Chamberland

Founded in 1987, Big Mountain Foods are award-winning producers of fresh, allergen free, highly sustainable food products. Squarely addressing the growing demand for plant-based, clean label and convenience, Big Mountain offers tasty, healthy options such as Lion’s Mane Mushroom Crumble and Superfood Breakfast Bites. In 2022, they pushed the innovation envelope by launching the world’s first soy-free tofu made from Canadian fava beans. With a mission of environmental sustainability from ground to the shelf, Big Mountain Foods is committed to using renewable resources and minimizing waste. They upcycle by-products into new value-added functional ingredients, their sustainable processing standards conserve thousands of liters of water per year, and by partnering with local farmers to source ingredients, they greatly reduce their carbon footprint. Big Mountain Foods are founding members of the Upcycle Association, they recently won two Nexty awards for product of the year and innovation of the year, and they continue to meet and surpass their sales goals.

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