Khorcheska Batyrova

OzoneBio uses innovative technology to create high-value materials like nylon66 and vanillin through an emission-negative process. Their unique “Zombie Cells” bio-catalysis can create these high-value products from wood-derived waste feedstocks while reducing the environmental footprint at the early stages of the supply chain. Their first product is adipic acid, the main building block of Nylon 6,6 and a high-performance polymer used extensively in manufacturing. Traditional oil-based adipic acid production produces 60 million tons of toxic greenhouse gasses (GHG) annually. OzoneBio’s bio-based replacement could reduce GHGs by up to 95%. In 2021-2022 Ozonebio produced first in the world wood-derived adipic acid at the bench scale, the early stage startup tripled its team, transitioned to mid-scale production and optimization, raised both pre-Seed and Seed capital, and engaged with key buyers of Nylon66 across the chemical and fashion industries.

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