New Brunswick

Julie Chamberlain

Sweet Spot Labs are on a mission to elevate skin care for women’s intimate areas or ‘sweet spots’. They challenge the shame-based conventions of traditional feminine hygiene by creating a line of vulva-centric health products that are safe and effective for all ages and life stages. Their products only use clean, non-irritating ingredients and are …

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April Glavine

Sum Good is meeting the need for healthy effective hydration options for families and caregivers. Their electrolyte freezie is first in its category, providing delicious hydration from only freshly pressed-fruit combined with electrolytes. No added dyes, flavouring, or sugar substitutes. They support local by using only fruit grown by Canadian farmers that is pressed just …

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Tracey Bell

Millennia TEA is flipping the conventional tea-making model on its head. Instead of drying tea leaves, they wash and flash freeze them. The result is the first frozen edible raw tea, and the cleanest, greenest source of energy and antioxidants on the market. Working with organic, regenerative farming practices, these teas strip away the tea …

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Natasha Dhayagude

Chinova Bioworks uses the power of mushrooms to reduce food waste. Using a proprietary green-chemistry process, they extract a natural fiber from White Button mushrooms to create Chiber™, a clean-label ingredient that improves quality, freshness and shelf-life, encouraging healthier long-lasting food and beverage products. They use only safe and sustainable processing chemicals that do not …

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