Susan Blanchet

Origen Air is providing a comprehensive and sustainable solution to indoor air purification. By enhancing the natural ability of plants to improve air quality, Origen Air’s Pinnacle™ system uses live plants to effectively supply fresh clean air to indoor spaces. It incorporates genetically engineered plants that remove Volatile Organic Compounds from the air, and HEPA …

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Luna Yu

Genecis Bioindustries Inc. is solving the climate crises of food waste and plastic pollution with one circular economy solution: bioplastic made from food waste. This biotechnology company converts food waste destined for landfills into eco-friendly, biodegradable PHA plastics for packaging, food services, agriculture, textiles and many other sectors. Founded in 2017, Genecis employs 45 full-time …

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Camille Saltman

For decades INCA’s innovation team has created and manufactured bio-composite auto interiors that make cars lighter, safer and more energy efficient. Today, INCA has expanded its focus to include RVs, boats, and consumer products like kids’ toys, furniture and single use cutlery. Their products will use hemp grown exclusively in the Canadian Prairie. Hemp sequesters …

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Amber Kivisto

BioNorth Solutions specializes in soil health. Responding to the need for efficient, cost-effective ways to reclaim contaminated lands and improve agricultural productivity, BioNorth’s technology uses microbial science to develop environmentally friendly, cost effective and proven solutions to improve soil health and enhance plant growth. To date, BioNorth has developed four commercial products; Microbiate SG™ and …

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Laurence Boudreault

Bosk Bioproducts offers a solution to the global problem of plastic waste accumulation. They produce REGEN™ bioplastics, a sustainable alternative to plastics traditionally derived from petrochemicals. REGEN™ is biobased, compostable, and compatible with standard plastic product manufacturing equipment. Bosk’s bioplastics are a great solution for plastic manufacturing companies that want to increase the value of …

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Nivatha Balendra

Dispersa has created the world’s first biosurfactant that is both healthy for people and the planet. The company’s innovative approach transforms food waste into biosurfactants – natural soapy ingredients used in everyday cleaning and personal care products. Through this process, Dispersa is addressing the huge industrial demand to replace the petroleum and palm-based surfactants found …

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About the Report

The Game Changers report is an initiative of Natural Products Canada (NPC), a national organization committed to identifying and supporting high potential early stage bio-based innovation that is better for people, animals and the planet. Recognizing a high number of female-led/founded companies within its network, the Game Changers report is designed to highlight the incredible contribution of these companies. NPC’s Game Changers reports have become a valuable resource for investors, funders, corporations and retailers looking for their next opportunities, suppliers and partners. This special #IWD2023 edition showcases some of the best Canadian companies that also happen to have women in crucial roles of leadership, origination or ownership. As such this Game Changers report is an essential tool for those seeking to support exceptional and equitable Canadian companies.