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Laura Simonson

Virchew is creating a powerful, new paradigm in canine nutrition. Supported by trailblazing veterinary nutrition programs, Virchew serves up the first plant-based meals and treats for dogs. Not your typical kibble products, Virchew is 100% plant-based using raw or lightly processed, Canadian, and North American non-GMO ingredients. Their unique dry foods do not require typical …

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Leattytia Badibanga

Green Paws (Pattes Vertes) leverages the superfood, Moringa, to produce nutritious, natural and hypoallergenic pet food. Building on Moringa’s protein and antioxidant properties, Green Paws products claim to improve oral health, help joint health, promote a strong immune system, and contribute to healthy coat and skin. The formula was designed by canine health experts with …

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Dr.Hilal Gul

MySteMBiotech is addressing the global issue of antibiotic use in livestock. It has developed a product using livestock colostrum stem cells that delivers significant antimicrobial properties against pathogens. This is welcome news to farmers as both FDA and Health Canada have restricted the use of antibiotics in farm animals, and there are few effective alternatives …

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Dr. Sofia Bonilla

HOPE Pet Food is creating the future of pet food with nutrient-rich ingredients that drastically reduce the environmental impact. Removing livestock and fish ingredients from pet food is the single, most impactful change we can make to reduce the environmental impact of pet food. HOPE’s evidence-based approach uses nutrient-rich ingredients from plants, insects, algae and …

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